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My Story

Classroom teacher for 7 years, 5 of them in kindergarten, out-of-classroom teacher for 10  years before that, now in my second year in admin, overseeing some 200 students under the age of 6.

I work at This School, in The City, in Canada.  This School is private (it seems I have built a career working with children of privilege, but that is another story.) I work with a team of amazing teachers, assistant teachers, early childhood educators, and specialists. We laugh together A LOT, and when we cry, we never cry alone.

Overall, I’m lucky, and I know that.  This School has a maximum class size of 20.  Our kids are properly fed and properly dressed and have very committed parents. My boss inspires and challenges me (in a good way) every day.  The content we teach is extremely developmentally appropriate (and FUN!) for the ages of our students.  That said, some days it is all I can do to keep all my marbles in one jar.  And THAT, my friends, is where this blog comes in…

11 Responses to “My Story”

  1. Jackie says:

    I’m not a teacher. Your “Dear Parent” post came across my facebook news feed. I’ve perused your blog and you seem like a lovely human being and fantastic teacher. So glad/proud you’re Canadian! Keep up all your good work!

  2. Sophie Brainard says:

    Hi, my name is Sophie Brainard and I am a junior at RMSEL in Denver, Colorado. I recently stumbled upon your blog and was curious about a few things and wanted to talk more with you. Currently I am interning in a kindergarten classroom because I am interested in becoming an elementary or possibly kindergarten teacher when I grow older. From what I have read on your blog you seem like a fascinating and wonderful teacher. I want to connect with you to learn more about becoming a teacher and where to teach. I am hoping you can give me incite on this, if so please email me at sophiebrainard@rmsel.org.
    Thank you, Sophie

  3. Sharon says:

    We would love to connect with other early childhood professionals. We share a common goal: to improve the school readiness of our children through the exchange of ideas, sharing of activities for both the classroom and for parents to do with their children at home. We welcome your input. Take a look at our web site: http://headstartconnection.com/

  4. sidney says:

    I love to find another Canadian blogger! Please come and link up with other Canadian teacher bloggers at http://teachingisagift.blogspot.ca/p/blog-by-province.html. I think it is wonderful that you are trying to help raise awareness and funds for teachers who have been devastated by the flooding. We are getting just a little taste of it here in Toronto!

  5. Hi, I love your story but being a Canadian I do have to ask you my burning question. Can you guess? Which is THE CITY in Canada. I am from a small town outside of Toronto so for me that is THE CITY. But I have a lot of other Canadian friends who would frown at me an say, “Heather, obviously she is talking about Montreal!” and an equal number who would say the same thing about Vancouver. 🙂 Just asking.

    I just discovered your blog because one of your blog posts has been nominated on Edublog Awards for best blog post. It was an amazing post and resonated with me so much. I am definitely going to link to your blog and suggest that my Kindergarten teachers also link.

    I have been a teacher for 37 years and spent 10 of those in Kindergarten and loved every minute of it and everyone of those little ones even the ones who drove me crazy. Those are the ones I remember and are now, 15 years later or so finding me and wanting to friend me on Facebook. It is so worth while.

    Keep up the great work.


    • Miss Night says:

      Hi Heather

      Thanks so much for your note, and for visiting the site. Always glad to have a fellow Canuck reading! While this blog is not super-anonymous, I don’t name my city here, nor my school – it’s a compromise that my admins and I are both comfortable with. I will say that I am not in your neck of the woods! Please keep coming back – it’s always good news to have a new reader!

  6. angelamcg says:

    THANK YOU for declaring your out-of-classroom teaching time as teaching. I have found this very frustrating that my decade+ of out-of-classroom teaching is barely acknowledged by administration and sometimes classroom teaching colleagues. Blog looks great, I’m excited to keep reading!

    • Miss Night says:

      I am increasingly of the opinion that ANYTHING involving working with children in groups should count as teaching experience. 12 years of summer camp work have had WAY more influence on who I am now as a teacher than my 6 months of practicum did! Thanks so much for reading – come back often!

  7. Jane says:

    Wow, I just found your blog and I am totally in love with everything about it! I am a third year kindergarten teacher and its so refreshing to read thoughts that a similar to my own. Also I have a similar background doing camp, youth work and daycare before becoming a classroom teacher. Anyway, just had to let you know that I love your blog particularly your post about behavior charts and what you know because of camp.

  8. Faige Meller says:

    This looks terrific. Haven’t blogged yet. Waiting. Not sure why. Guess this learning for me is a bit frightening, but will figure it out. Thx for letting me see your process.

    • Miss Night says:

      Oh, Faige, the blogging part is REALLY easy – it was the migration from Blogger to WordPress that nearly did me in. If you start fresh on wordpress, I bet you could have a shiny new blog up and running in about an hour. And it really is a lot of fun to have a place to write! Thanks for the kind words – glad you like it!

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