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Weekend Latte & Links: Balance, addiction, joy, and lip balm

on 1 February, 2015

Look at me, blogging on time! I’m also realizing that it has been a long time since I have posted anything that was NOT Latte & Links, and I promise there are some things in the works… Patience, grasshopper. As it is, doing this Sunday gig has me posting far more regularly that any previous time in my blogging life.

(As always, full disclosure: All product links on my site are Amazon affiliate links, and if you click through and actually buy stuff, a small percentage of the cost goes to help THAT kid, in a number of ways.) On a related note: if I added a page to the blog, where all my book and product recommendations could be found in one place, would that be useful? Would you look there? What should I call it? Feel free to answer in the comments!

Right now: It is chilly and snowy outside, after a 2 week false spring. There are beef ribs in the slow-cooker and Freddy is asleep in the rocking chair, in front of the fire. There is apparently some sort of sports event on the teevee today, and normally I try to go to the movies on sports days involving cups and bowls, but home feels good, today.


Shiny brilliance of the week:

  • There is no such thing as balance, by fellow blogger Pernille Ripp. This line cuts to the very heart of things: “We forget that as teachers we cannot save the world.  That yes, we can try to change the life of a child in our classrooms but we hold a much greater power at home.” Our work is important, but not more important than our own loved ones.
  • Food is a Death Sentence to These Kids. For many years when I was a teenager, my dad was involved with a woman whose adult daughter had Prader-Willi Syndrome. This gave me a basic education about the realities of PW — a genetic condition that causes mild mental retardation, short stature, and, most signficantly, constant, obsessive hunger combined with an incredibly slow metabolism. I am still surprised at how few people know about the syndrome and the challenges it poses to the kids who have it and their families. This New York Times piece does an excellent job (and also highlights that additional obstacles that arise when a chronic health condition is combined with low-income and poor health insurance….)
  • Joy: A subject Schools Lack. What if it was mandated that schools build JOY into our curriculums, our values, our pedagogy? How would that change everything we do? Why do we cling to the myth that learning can only happen when we “get serious?”
  • The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think. I don’t know about all the science behind this theory, but it is an entirely new framework for considering addiction. “For a century now, we have been singing war songs about addicts. It occurred to me as I wiped his brow, we should have been singing love songs to them all along.”

On the nightstand:

  • Confession: I have not added anything to my book pile this week. I am still reading The Deepest Secret (although I will probably finish it soon), and it is still engrossing, interesting, and also fairly lightweight. I have not touched The Poisonwood Bible in a while, not because it is not good (it is EXCELLENT), but because my attention span has been better suited to lighter fare. I’m still savouring my way through my umpteenth read of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and (spoiler alert) as soon as Harry kills that damn basilisk, I’m going to dive into Wonder.

On the Audible app:

  • Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. I have been listening to this in fits and starts, for a few months. If you are an introvert like me, if you know an introvert, if you just read that sentence and thought “Wait, Amy, YOU are NOT an introvert,” if you are raising an introvert, if you have ever wondered if there is something wrong with you because you would rather be at home in your pyjamas than go just about anywhere, if you think introverted means shy, if you don’t understand what I mean when I say that corporate culture idealizes extroverts, if you HATE ice breaker games**, or if you think people who hate icebreakers are just uptight, YOU NEED TO READ THIS.

One thing you should buy:

  • Rosebud Salve. At great risk of sounding like I am selling snake oil, this stuff is magic. Lip balm, cuticle cream, great for cracked heels and scaly elbows, it smells like heaven and the tin is so pretty. It would be a very fun and affordable little Valentine’s Day present, too!

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  1. Colleen says:

    I would appreciate a page dedicated to book recommendations and it should be titled, Colleen Read This.

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