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(Almost) Weekend Latte & Links: Secrets, falling out of love, a slap, and 100 coloured pencils

on 26 January, 2015

I know. I’m late. I had to work on Saturday (it’s admissions season for private schools, which means I spent the morning with tiny prospective students and their very anxious parents. It is fun for me, and the kids, but much less so for mom and dad), which made the weekend not really FEEL like a weekend, so suddenly it was Sunday night and I had not posted. BUT: it is apparently a long weekend in Australia, so maybe that is a good enough excuse? Ok, on with it…

(Full disclosure: All product links on my site are Amazon affiliate links, and if you click through and actually buy stuff, a small percentage of the cost goes to help THAT kid, in a number of ways.)

Right now: Outside it is dark, but warm and clear like a spring night. The snow is all melted and the sky was blue all day, and the kiddos didn’t even really need coats at recess. Inside, my candles are lit and I have a belly full of pulled pork enchiladas. Today was kind of a bumpy day, but tomorrow will be better.


Shiny Brilliance of the week: (I’m actually having trouble choosing, because I read so many AMAZING things this week… last week… you know what I mean.)

  • A Mother’s 17-Year Old Secret. I love the Brain, Child site, and this piece, about becoming human in front of our children, did not disappoint. Beautiful and hopeful and heartbreaking.
  • Should Schools Teach Personality? This New York Times piece raises some thought-provoking questions about character education programs, values-based education, whether these are the same thing, whether personality can and should be taught… Big, chewy, questions that dig down to the very purpose of public education.
  • To Fall Out of Love, Do This. A very funny send-up of the “How to Fall In Love With Anyone” piece I shared 2 weeks ago.

On the nightstand:

  • The Poisonwood Bible. Yes, still. It is a big fat chewy book. You should read it. Trust me.
  • The Deepest Secret. This is a Jodi Picoult-ish novel, complete with interesting medical condition and significant moral-ethical dilemma. Like Jodi Picoult, it feels a little formulaic, but it makes me want to know what happens next, and the medical condition in question (XP – a genetic sensitivity to sunlight) really is fascinating.

On the Audible App

  • The Slap: A Novel. The premise: at a family BBQ, a man slaps a child who is not his own. This makes for a really interesting setup to explore all kinds of questions around values and ethics, and so far, it is indeed interesting, but (or perhaps therefore) it is not a comfortable sort of book. The characters (at least the ones I have met so far) are not entirely likeable, and it has sort of a gritty feel to it. It is good writing, but consider yourselves warned that it is not exactly LIGHT.

One thing you should buy:

  • One hundred coloured pencils. Trust me. No matter who you are, there is something magical and uniquely joyful about ONE HUNDRED freshly sharpened, coloured, pencils.

Ok, that does it. Happy Monday, friends, whether it is sunny or snowing, winter or summer, a work day or a holiday. I hope it’s been happy.


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