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Weekend latte & links

on 29 November, 2014

So. According to a highly scientific and rigorous survey of my social media, you guys think it is a good idea for me to post a weekly(ish) recap of what I have read and loved on these great interwebz over the past 7 days. Alright then, here we go! You can expect a latte and links post most weekends. I hope.


(Full disclosure: All product links on my site are Amazon affiliate links, and if you click through and actually buy stuff, a small percentage of the cost goes to help THAT kid, in a number of ways.)

Right now: Minus a million degrees (okay, just -37) outside, fireplace on inside, Grey’s Anatomy: Season 1 on Netflix on the teevee. Freddy and I are holding down the couch. Breakfast was a vanilla latte with coconut and cinnamon, and a big bowl of oatmeal with almonds and raspberries.

Shiny brilliance* of the week:

  • If you do not read Pernille Ripp’s brilliant blog, you should. Her letter to her angry daughter made my eyes get a little bit of wet in them. I suspect there were times when I was very much like her little girl, and that my own mom was in equal measures mystified and heartbroken as she stepped back to let me find my own way.
  • Across the Atlantic, Cambridge University posted a summary of the research on school starting age, and why it is in NO ONE’s interests for us to try and force five-year-olds to read. This has HUGE ramifications for kindergarten (and pre-kindergarten) classrooms. Read it, share it, shout it from the rooftops.
  • I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how our school system is just not working for so many boys. This: Stop Penalizing Boys for Not Being Able to Sit Still in School, reinforces my pondering. How do we fix this?
  • We all have “squirrel students” – the ones who scurry from one place or task to another, perpetually unable to settle in. My dear and brilliant friend, @mmekathleen, blogged her simple, personalized intervention for one of her squirrels.

On the nightstand:

On the Audible app (audiobooks while doing housework – you heard it here, first)

One thing you should buy:

The Idina Menzel holiday album is GOR.GEOUS, and on continuous loop in my office these days.

Happy Weekend, Friends. I remain ever-awed that you all think I am interesting enough to read. Stay warm out there.




*Credit for the expression “shiny brilliance” goes to my dear friend @learningmurd, who you should totally follow on the Twitterz.

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  1. Karly Drake-Lusby says:

    Even though it is now Dec. 28, I did just buy Ms. Minzel’s holiday album! (Thought it might come as a gift, when it didn’t, I gifted myself!). Thanks for the reminder 😉

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