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PD, Motor Development, and related blessings…

on 15 October, 2014

I’m so blessed. I say that all the time about my work situation: I work at an amazing school full of amazing educators, with amazing leadership, amazing families, and the most amazing children. I get to do my work in a way that aligns with everything I know to be right about working with young children. You see? I’m blessed (I prefer the word “blessed” to “lucky,” but that is a whole other post.

One of the greatest blessings that has come out of my particular job, at my particular school, is getting to work with, and learn from, the amazing occupational therapist who works with some of our kindergarten students. She has been assigned to our school for several years, and we have grown to be very good friends over that time. I learn SO MUCH, every time we talk. Today, she came and did 2 PD sessions with all of my early childhood staff and faculty, focusing entirely on children’s motor development and its role in academic tasks (including the ever-controversial pencil grip).



It was, truly, awesome PD; well-balanced between higher-order technical & theoretical information, and nuts & bolts application. SO. GOOD.  Everyone walked away with ideas, energy, and knowledge that they did not have before.

As I often do, I tweeted throughout the session, rather than taking notes. As I often do, I archived my tweets, to save and share them. For your reading pleasure, here are my tweets from today (covering the gamut from piggy banks to differentiated play-dough…) I hope you find them useful, maybe even inspiring.

Maybe even a blessing…


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