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Resolutions: One and only one.

on 3 January, 2014

I’m a day behind already on the #kinderchat post-a-day challenge, but I have great faith in my own ability to catch up.

Prompt #2 was to share a resolution for 2014. ONE resolution. ONLY one resolution.

Jebus Murphy. I think I might  have to cheat on this one…. Who makes ONLY ONE resolution?

So. Here it is:

In 2014, I resolve to take better care of me.

How is this cheating? This is the sort of resolution that covers a boatload of other, more specific resolutions: eat better, be more active, drink more water, see friends more frequently, connect more with my extended family, read more books, watch more movies, spend less time at school, go more places… (Not to mention keep flowers in my house, buy a new mattress, walk the dog every day, take a ballet class…)

And yes, I do want to do ALL of those things, but to be really honest, if I was committing to ALL of them, it would seem like A LOT of things to be working on, all at once. I cannot possibly exercise AND eat more veggies AND drink 8 glasses of water AND meet a friend for a movie AND read a book with my grandma AND check out a museum EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

But I CAN pledge to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING, every single day, to take care of myself.

I am a big believer in small changes, tiny habits building over time, until you look back and realize that the very earth has shifted beneath your feet.

So, here’s to the earth shifting, one small shovelful at a time. Wednesday’s shovelful was dinner with my adorable cousin and her very nice fiancé. Yesterday’s was a 30 minute Barre 3 workout AND a long walk with Freddy. Today’s was more salad and less lasagna at lunch.

Small things, tiny habits. This is one resolution that feels do-able. Maybe this isn’t cheating after all.

One small thing, every day, to take care of me.

This I resolve.

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