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My Challenging Year, Month 2 – The Spending Starve

on 1 October, 2013

Well, hello friends. How did September go for you all? Did you make it through the TV challenge? Did it change your life? (Or even just your habits?)

With one very small exception, I made it through all of September with no TV on school nights, and I promise to blog about my observations VERY SOON, but first:

IT IS OCTOBER!!! Which means the TV can come back on, and a new challenge starts today.

October’s challenge: No spending money on non-essential THINGS. Simple, right?

The rules I plan to follow:

Just like the last time I did this challenge, the rules are:

  1. I can buy groceries.
  2. I can buy gas for the car.
  3. I can pay for experiences like going to the movies or tickets to a play or dinner with friends or coffee with Mom.
  4. I cannot get takeout to eat by myself as a convenience, but I can get takeout if it is part of a social thing with other people. Ditto to buying coffee/ice cream: Starbucks alone = NO. Starbucks w/boss or colleague = YES.
  5. If something I own and use at least weekly should fall apart or run out or irreparably break down, I can replace it.
  6. If it is critical to my health, I can buy it.
  7. If it is critical (critical meaning it CANNOT wait until November) to someone who depends on me, I can buy it.
  8. If it is critical to the completion of my school-related responsibilities, I can buy it.

Exceptions I will allow: This really deserves a WHOLE POST of its own, but: tomorrow I will pay the deposit on the BRAND NEW PUPPY who is coming home to live with me in 59 days. Also: my work wardrobe is kind of in crisis, and if I find some good work pants, I am allowed to buy them. BUT THAT IS ALL.

Why this is a challenge for me: I like new stuff. I’m not a shopaholic BY ANY MEANS, but I do like shiny new stuff.

Why I want to try this: I am a single, professionally employed adult with no dependents. I make a good salary. It is just WAY TOO EASY to blow through $20 here and $50 there on things I don’t need, and then to NOT have money for bigger things that I actually WANT.

What I expect will happen: Um, hopefully, there will be more money left at the end of the month than usual. This seems obvious, right? And also I will gain some insight abut my spending habits and where/when/why I get the urge to buy.

Ok, now: who’s in? Sign up in the comments as usual. And if you did NOT do the TV challenge – are there any new shows I should check out?

4 Responses to “My Challenging Year, Month 2 – The Spending Starve”

  1. sharonhales says:

    I’m going to give it a try. I nickel and dime myself to death. Here are my rules:
    – when going to Shoppers Drug Mart, don’t carry as basket; by carrying things only in my hands I will be tempted to buy less
    – avoid driving past Winners – there are no “essential items” there that cannot wait until next month to come home with me
    – when using up the mall gift card I was given as a year end gift, try really hard to not buy more than what the remaining balance is

    I’m really going t give it a try – I already resisted the temptation to join a friend at Winners this evening! I’ll be rich in November!!!

  2. Laurie says:

    I want to hear about the puppy! I got mine the day school got out!

  3. I’m in! Ack! Yup… I’m in!

  4. missloeppkyLane says:

    I’m in!

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