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Blowing my own horn. Because I said so.

on 20 July, 2013

Yeah, I did it. I made everyone brag for this week’s (now last week’s… what can I say, I was IN VEGAS, and too busy BEING IN VEGAS to finish my post on time…) #kinderblog2013 challenge. Now that it is my turn to write, I’m not sure what I was thinking… So, I think I will just pound this out as a random list, and call it done. Here you go:

10 things I am really very good at:

  1. Spelling. I am a nearly perfect speller, and always have been. I don’t know what it is about my brain that I remember the spelling of nearly every word I have ever read, but it seems that is how things work up in there. I never studied for a single spelling test, and I nearly always got 100%. (This is significantly LESS true in my second language…)
  2. Sleeping on planes. I am a world champion at plane-sleeping. No matter what time of the day or night, I can be sound asleep before we reach cruising altitude, and stay that way for 2+ hours. This is a VERY USEFUL talent.
  3. Road trips. I can stare out the window in blissful silence for HOURS. I know how to read maps. I am not scared of freeways, and I understand how the exits are numbered. I pack good snacks. I have a teacher’s bladder.I have a soft spot for Motel 6.
  4. Keeping my lunch down. I never get motion sick. Seriously. The closest I have ever come was when Papa John (founder of Coppercreek Camp) took me up in a small plane he was piloting, and sometimes we banked steeply enough that I lost track of the horizon, and my stomach got a little floppy. Other than that: never. Not on car rides, plane rides, boat rides, amusement park rides. I CAN READ IN A MOVING VEHICLE, and… nothing.
  5. Making and keeping friends. It was actually my mom who pointed this out to me. As much as I am an introvert down to my very toenails, I’m pretty good at finding My People wherever I go, and at keeping those people in my life even when time and geography conspire against us. This also: very useful talent.
  6. Setting boundaries. I am increasingly aware that this is a really difficult thing for many people. I am not afraid to say “no” if something will put too much on my plate, or come at a cost to something else that is a bigger priority. I am a master of the phrase “let me think about it;” which gives me time to THINK ABOUT IT, and formulate a gentle, reasonable, inarguable “no,” if “now” is really the best answer for me. (Note: this does NOT mean that “let me think about it” is code for “I’m going to say no later.” I really AM thinking. I promise. And as often as I can, I say yes.)
  7. Writing. I am, I think, a good writer. I can write in a way that makes people think, makes people feel, and is true to my actual voice. I write the way I talk, talk the way I write. Words are my friends. I am grateful for this gift every single day, and I never take it for granted.
  8. Talking. I’m starting to think that maybe I am a good public speaker. I can repeat a variation of the same talk or presentation, and have it sound natural each time. I think people feel welcome and included when I speak, comfortable asking questions, and that maybe I am interesting when I talk.
  9. Loving the tough-to-love. I am really, really good with really, really tough kids. The Billys and the Braydens and the Sarahs of the world are the kids who hold my heart in their hands. The kids who push me away the hardest are the ones I hold onto the tightest, the ones I fight for and fight with, and I am really, REALLY good at that kind of fighting.
  10. Liking the tough-to-like. I’m good with difficult parents. Maybe this is because I am also good with words. Maybe it is because I am good with difficult kids (who sometimes have difficult parents). But somehow, I am able to establish myself as a credible expert in a way that convinces parents WE ARE ON THE SAME TEAM.

There. Not too shabby, right? So why am I so relieved that it’s over?

Stay tuned – this week’s prompt is CHANGE. I have a feeling that post will be a little less fluffy…


3 Responses to “Blowing my own horn. Because I said so.”

  1. erocklewitz says:

    I’m a little jealous that you don’t get motion sickness! I can barely look at a magazine without getting sick in the car! Yay you!

  2. Sarah S. says:

    Great job with your brag! I didn’t even think about some of those things that I think are also true about me… it’s nice to have other people pointing out things they are good at, because it makes us think about ourselves a bit too…

  3. Faige says:

    Love that this brag shared so much a out you,

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