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Welcome Christmas while we stand, heart to heart, and hand in hand.

on 22 December, 2012

Sweet Baby Jesus, you guys, we need a little laughter around here, don’t we? Or at least some smiles, right? Ok, here are some things that are working for me:

  • Skip is currently asleep in my lap, sporting the royal blue Snuggie that my mom gave him for Christmas last year. Come on, admit it – a chihuahua in a Snuggie is FUNNY.
  • Really, in my family, animals in clothes are ALWAYS funny. Proof of this can be found in the Christmas cards I selected for my loved ones while at the store last night.
  • A colleague announced her much-wanted, and perfectly timed (due in August) pregnancy yesterday. She is a adorable and hilarious, and produces adorable smart children (based on the 2 year old version she already has.)
  • Last night, at Fancy Birthday/Christmas dinner with the girls, I ate bison Wellington, which made me feel fancy, festive, and perfectly Canadian, all at once.
  • While at dinner, the stupid Christmas Shoes song came on, and I DID NOT CRY.
  • I decorated my blog for Christmas, and while I am normally not in favour of such ridiculousness, I am sort of loving the Christmas lights, and falling snow, and pop up Christmas card. Am sincerely hoping you all will just enjoy it and not find it annoying. It’s only for a few days, I promise.
  • You know what? Even if you hate it, I’m not sure I care. Sometimes, Christmas is tacky and annoying, with a wide variety of opinions on the difference between “fun & festive” and “cheesy & terrible” and THAT IS WHAT MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND. This year, blog decorations are floating my boat. It’s my blog and I will subject you to pop-up holiday wishes if I want to. AND YOU WILL LIKE IT.
  • Santa left hot chocolate for my class on Thursday, and I got video of their reactions. I wish I could share some of it, so you could all see how perfect their belief in magic is. They are hilarious, these kiddos. You’ll have to trust me on that.
  • My hair got cut yesterday, and I am no longer at risk of shaving it all off myself. My girlfriends gave me a new, beautiful wallet, for my birthday.

I know, this is sort of a throwaway post, but we needed SOMETHING to change the atmosphere around here. I am not All Better, far from it. I am still achy and prickly; the covering over my FEELINGS is tissue-paper thin. You know how, in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (the amazing book, not the okay movie) Oskar refers to having “heavy boots” ? Yeah, that is how I feel sometimes – weighed down, slow-moving. BUT: my holidays have started; Winter Solstice has happened, and while the light may not be WINNING yet, at least it is evenly matched with the darkness. Christmas is in 3 days, and my brother and I will be together for the first time in years. My dad will be back from Texas any minute. My house smells like the odd assortment of scented candles I received as a gift (Winter Evergreen competing with Maple Pancake).

And under the tree, there is this:


Christmas Day is in our grasp, as long as we have hands to clasp.

3 Responses to “Welcome Christmas while we stand, heart to heart, and hand in hand.”

  1. I totally loved Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close up (the book). Heavy boots is perfectly accurate. We will have a lovely Christmas because it has a way of doing that if you let it wash all over you and I think you and that cute dog are doing that. I plan to stay in pajamas a lot with my kids and read tons of Christmas picture books, especially the Carl one where the parents let the Rottweiler take care of the baby. 🙂 My love to you and yours.

  2. Laura says:

    Merry Christmas to you! I just got to hold my new grandson for a long while so I am feeling pretty content, myself. Also, it is a great thing that vacation is here!!! Not sure I could have held them in one more day!!

  3. Faige says:

    Delightful and thoroughly enjoyable post. Wishing a wonderful Christmas with friends and family.

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