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101 Thank Yous

on 8 October, 2012

It’s Thanksgiving Day up here in The Canada, and so I have been pondering all the blessings, big and small, in my life. It’s taken me most of the weekend, but here it is:


101 Things I Am Thankful for This Thanksgiving

  1. My dad, who at the age of 65, is living his dream of being a farmer and a cowboy.
  2. My mom who bends over backwards to help and support her kids, even though we are no longer kids.
  3. My brother who sees the same funnies in the world as I do.
  4. My sister-in-law who left her country to come to my country and has never once been scared off by our crazy family.
  5. The fact that my brother and sister in law are now just an hour’s drive away.
  6. Their tolerance for my relentless enthusiasm about this fact.
  7. Skip, the ridiculous epileptic chihuahua.
  8. The generous vet who helps keep Skip healthy and happy
  9. My pretty, sunny, little apartment.
  10. The 19 small people who rush through my classroom door every morning.
  11. Having a job I love so goddamn much
  12. The Canada, my home and native land
  13. The way Canadian Thanksgiving is so much like us as a country: simple, modest, flexible, with reasonable expectations.
  14. Coppercreek Camp
  15. All the things I know and learned and became because of Coppercreek Camp
  16. The way I often wake up to wildlife: rabbits, squirrels, birds, even deer, cavorting on the lawn outside my very suburban apartment.
  17. Oregon State University.
  18. The town of Corvallis.
  19. Really, the whole state of Oregon.
  20. Wonton soup
  21. Finally having a home sunny enough to grow ANY DAMN PLANT I WANT.
  22. Vanilla lattes
  23. Honeycrisp apples
  24. My mountains
  25. My cute little Honda CRV.
  26. The way my Honda CRV gets me through the hilly drive to work even on the snowiest of days.
  27. The coffee shop in my old neighbourhood, which makes the best muffins in the world.
  28. My people.
  29. My partner teacher who makes this job so much easier and so much better every single day.
  30. My grandma even when she makes me crazy.
  31. My fireplace.
  32. The Twitterz
  33. #Kinderchat
  34. Vietnamese food.
  35. My bathtub.
  36. Clean laundry
  37. Ballet
  38. Garth Brooks
  39. Pickup trucks
  40. Sharpies
  41. Gerber daisies
  42. The zoo
  43. Having cousins I not only love, but LIKE.
  44. My boss
  45. A school where I am so well supported in every sense of the term
  46. How big the sky outside my window is
  47. The invention of the PVR
  48. Books
  49. Little House on the Prairie
  50. Air travel
  51. Lavender
  52. Dark chocolate with sea salt
  53. The smell of dry crunchy leaves
  54. The sound of dry crunchy leaves
  55. Ikea
  56. Diet Coke with Lime
  57. Cranberry juice
  58. Chocolate chip cookies
  59. Having summers off
  60. Evernote
  61. That feeling when you go swimming outside and then let your hair dry in the sun.
  62. Harry Potter
  63. Musical theater
  64. The satisfying feeling after you vacuum and you see all the crud that just got sucked up
  65. Peanut butter
  66. The Nutcracker
  67. The friends who let me love the bejebus out of their children.
  68. How some of the kids I helped raise are now adults I consider friends.
  69. Advil
  70. Having the financial means to buy everything I need and most of what I want.
  71. Hot chocolate
  72. Chicken salad
  73. Lazy weekend mornings
  74. The moment in the movie theatre when the lights go down and the trailers start
  75. Mason jars
  76. Down-filled duvets
  77. Banana Republic
  78. Ballet flats
  79. Kindergarten Around the World
  80. This blog, as a place to write my words and think my thoughts
  81. Raffi
  82. That, as upset as I might get about the outcome of the US presidential election, there is no possibility of Mitt Romney running MY country.
  83. Waking up to the sound of rain.
  84. A healthcare system that provides top-of-the-line care to people I love, regardless of their income or insurance situation.
  85. The technology that has helped me reconnect with friends who go back as far as kindergarten
  86. Heated seats (a ridiculous luxury, I know) in my car
  87. French immersion schools, both as a place for students and a place for teachers
  88. The underlying social ethic of tolerance and diversity that allows French immersion schools to exist
  89. The spiral hairpins that Goody makes for people with hair like mine
  90. Glee
  91. Mittens
  92. Friends who are adult professionals like me, and, also like me, still want to see cheesy movies about dancers and glee clubs.
  93. Having learned to read so young and so easily that it has never felt like a chore or like WORK to read anything.
  94. The dishwasher
  95. The many bloggers I read who have taught me so much about writing, life, and the power of sharing our words.
  96. Star Wars
  97. Play dough
  98. PostSecret
  99. Growing up with a Grandma who taught me the basics of sewing, knitting, and needlework — skills that are slowly being lost in my generation.
  100. Glitter
  101. Any time I spot the stars and the moon in the night sky, and know that chances are, someone I love, somewhere in the world, is seeing the same sky.
Happy Thanksgiving, friends. Feel free to continue the list in the comments.
Oh, and here’s the wishbone:
Make a wish.

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