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on 22 August, 2012

10 hours at school today, folks, TEN. HOURS. This is the closest I have come to blowing off this whole NaBloPoMo thing and not posting. You all can thank my lovely friends @learningmurd and @mllekathleen for keeping me motivated (largely using flattery – it will get you everywhere, it seems.)

I have so many posts in the works to share with you all, and am so grateful you are sticking with me until I get to the good stuff. Tonight, for you, a list of Miss Night’s Coming Attractions:

  • By popular request, in response to my post about behaviour charts: a description of how I manage behaviour in my room, and how I build a climate where kids understand the difference between “fair” and “equal.”
  • A “clasroom hacks” post, where I share the tips and tricks that make my life infinitely easier within the 4 walls of my classroom. I remain unsure whether these things are proof of brilliance or clinical laziness…
  • The scoop on my calendar wall (as seen in the pic from yesterday’s post) and why I did away with the traditional “calendar routine.” You know the one. You’ve done it, too. In the meantime, check out my friend Mardelle’s (aka @learningmurd) post about HER changes to how she “does” calendar in her room.
  • The story of the one and only year I used a behaviour chart in my room. This is a tough one for me, friends. I am not proud of the decisions I made. Please help me remember what my friend Diana always says: “when you know better, you do better.”
  • Another story (you know I love stories, right?) about me, as a first grader, and how I responded to a classroom management system that my teacher had painstakingly devised. (Hint: that look on my face in my profile pic? Pretty sure that look was involved.)
  • A letter to parents of my students — past, present, and future – who may stumble across this blog and be sure what to feel about their child’s teacher airing her dirty laundry for all the world to see.

So you see? I do have so many wonderful things planned for you, so please stick around. If you have particular requests for which of these posts you would like to read first, hit me in the comments!

One more question, just to see if you are still listening: if I were to do an “ask Miss Night” and/or an “Ask Miss Night’s Readers” deal once in a while, where I asked you to submit questions, and then answered them and/or asked you all to share your thoughts in the comments, would you like that? Would you DO it, and ASK QUESTIONS, and COMMENT, and SHARE?

Because I think that would be super-fun.

That is all. It is time for chocolate milk and Chopped, with the chihuahua.

3 Responses to “Sneak-a-peek”

  1. Mme Jones says:

    I would participate!

  2. Colleen Mayberry says:

    I would!

  3. Faige says:

    Yup I would participate in a “ask Miss Night” I don’t blog yet so enjoy opportunity to ask and answer questions, make comments in this format.

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