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Heaven holds a sense of wonder*

on 4 August, 2012

Not many words tonight.

An alarm-wake up on a summer Saturday, made less painful by a day spent in the sun with my dear friend over at Music4Munchkins. Guiltily delicious summer holiday food, including a shared basket of salty French fries and thick milkshakes.

 A blessing: spontaneous invitation from a 3 year old to attend his birf-day party next weekend.

Home to the shower off the sweat and sunscreen. A small triangle of angry pink skin where, apparently, I missed a spot. Soap and citrus lotion. Clean pyjamas by 7:30 pm. A puppy warm in my lap. A plan to take a book to the deck for the last hour of daylight.

A few tears shed, for a Canadian Olympian who made our collective heart swell with pride as she finished the triathlon in last place. To repeat the part that matters: she finished the triathlon. The Olympic Triathlon.

Tomorrow: coffee and my favourite muffins, from my favourite coffee shop, eaten in the sunshine.

Yes, quiet is good.

*Silence, by my longtime favourite, Sarah McLachlan.

2 Responses to “Heaven holds a sense of wonder*”

  1. Sounds like you are really enjoying the things that fill you up! Yay!

  2. Betsy says:

    A summary of pleasant moments, sounds wonderful. I am grabbing internet when I can and hope to visit every day of this challenge when I am back home. For now, here are a few words of encouragement and good for you's!

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