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Cash to fill my tank*: choosing the awesome instead of the awful

on 20 August, 2012

(Disclaimer, because I know I am blessed with many friends and readers who may be prone to worrying about me needlessly: I am fine. Everyone I love (including my ridiculous dog) is fine. There are no true emergencies involved in anything I am about to say. I am fine, and after writing this I am going to make some iced tea and watch some Big Bang Theory and laugh. EVERYTHING IS OKAY, I PROMISE.)

Hmmm… I don’t know if I have much in me today. It has been an overwhelmingly strange 24 hours in my world. Some amazingly wonderful things have happened (including things that involve this blog!). I have shed tears over something precious that I have lost (it is literally a THING, and I will get over it, but I am still VERY sad right now.) I have rolled my eyes in frustration at busybodies. I went back to school today, and am mired in all the ambivalence that goes with the end of summer. And then, today, a coincidence so goose-bumpy that it puts a lump in my throat. I’m sorry to be cryptic. I promise I will share if and when I can.

If someone were to ask me right now: how was your day? I’m not sure if my answer would be “it was AWESOME,” or “it was AWFUL.” Both would be true. I would rather it be awesome. So, a list of random thoughts and small miracles that may help tip the scales more clearly to the awesome side of things:

  • The cherry tomatoes on my tomato plants are starting to turn red! I grew these plants from seed. I have never grown tomatoes before. This was one big experiment, and I am sort of amazed that I will actually get to eat something that I grew.
  • #Kinderchat resumes tonight, in about 3 hours (7pm MST, 9pm EST). If you don’t know about #kinderchat, check out our Newbies Livebinder, and please come join us. We are the best PLN around.
  • Seeing my boss today made me remember how very much I love working with her. I wish every educator had a boss so committed to children as she is. And everyone in EVERY field should get to have at least one job where their boss is truly a kindred spirit. It changes everything.
  • In my classroom, I have a deep counter than runs the full length of a wall of windows. That counter gets enough sun that I really think I could grow a mini garden there. Problem: it would be too high for the kids to see and enjoy. Readers, do you have any thoughts on how to set it up so kids can “hang out” on the counter safely?
  • I got my class list today. 20 kids, 10 girls, 10 boys. As I wrote about here, almost exactly 2 years ago, having a list of names changes everything. I wish parents knew this: how I fall in love with their children while they are still just names on a piece of paper. With that list, classroom setup goes from “doing a chore” to “preparing a gift.”

I can choose for today to be “strange but awesome” rather than “strange and terrible.” So, I’m choosing. Today was an awesome day. Here’s hoping that tomorrow is equally awesome.

But hopefully less strange.

See you at #Kinderchat!

*Ladies’ Choice, from the Hairspray soundtrack. Because a good showtune helps turn any day around.




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