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Ask Miss Night: Now Open for Business!

on 23 August, 2012

Not much of a post tonight,  — just a request that you check out my new page: Ask Miss Night!

The idea here is blog content by request – submit a question or request, and I just may answer. Questions might involve a particular challenge you are facing in your own classroom (or with your own kiddo), or something you would like me to write about, a question you have about my experience or background, or even just a request for tips and tricks.  If you’re feeling braver, you can submit a question to the readers, and I will post it for people to respond to in the comments.

I feel a little weird about doing this, because I have always been reluctant to portray myself as somehow more knowledgeable than any other teacher, BUT: I loved the comments and conversation over my behaviour chart post SO MUCH, and I like the idea of making this place a little more interactive. Is that crazy? I promise to focus on being helpful & supportive and not bossy or prescriptive.

At least two of you said you thought this would be a great idea, so please don’t prove me wrong! Check out the page, submit the form, and let’s have some fun! Spread the word and pin the page, too – let’s see if we can get something going!

Ok. 12 hours at school for me today. Bath, book, bed. (Did I tell you I’m reading a book so scary I can’t keep it in the bedroom at night? Yeah, for real. I haven’t had to put it in the freezer yet, but it could be headed that way.)

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