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My name is Amy, and I teach kindergarten…

I believe:

that play should be  a practice in the same way as religion is.

that technology is a tool, nothing less and nothing more.

that if you don’t have a sandbox, you don’t need an iPad.

that if kids aren’t learning the way I teach, I need to teach the way they learn.

that the world looks better with a vanilla latte in my hand and a little glitter in the air.

I work hard every day to keep all my marbles in one jar.

Won’t you stay and play awhile?

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12 Responses to “Home”

  1. Kaylynn says:

    Miss Night, your article is so refreshing. I’m a preK teacher and used a behavior chart for two weeks the first year I taught preK. Never again. One child who had trouble “conforming “, but who also desired to “end on green”.asked me every day for the rest of the year, with all the seriousness of a four year old, “Was I bad today?” And we only used the chart for 2 weeks!!! My staff and I focus on facilitating children’s behavior choices, so they learn to manage themselves rather than be externally controlled. “You Can’t Come to My Birthday Party” is a great first book to read that helped me along the way. We want each child to have the tools they need, so we fill their toolbox. And I have to add that one of those tools is knowing how much they are loved and valued, not just by us, but by Jesus. Thank you for sharing! I pray your article gives other teachers food for thought, for kids’ sakes!!!

    • Miss Night says:

      Hi Kaylynn! Thanks so much for reading, and for your supportive comments. I agree that love is a critical part of a classroom community, regardless of religious traditions.

  2. SJ says:

    So thankful to read your post on why behavior charts don’t work-it’s helped clarify my thoughts for a meeting with my daughter’s kindergarten teacher and principal this coming week. Our first week of school was ruined by a constant focus on “staying on green” and by “being on yellow”. My formerly excited child is now a nervous wreck, my heart is breaking for her.

    • Chris says:

      Just stumbled on here. Sorry to hear that SJ – Everyone needs to remember that kids all want to “stay on green”. Sometimes they just don’t have the skills or whatever to do it – they need support and help – and it works best if they are involved in determining what helps them succeed.

    • Anne Brow says:

      Glad to hear you are taking your concerns to the teacher. As a first grade teacher of 30 years myself, I am always willing to listen to parents concerns. I’ve made many changes over the years to meet the students’ and parents’ needs. We all know no two children are a like. What works for some doesn’t always work for all.

  3. Cathy says:

    How do I find your post about behavior systems vs relationships? Someone shared it on Facebook but it won’t let me share it to my gmail.
    Ps great ideas!

  4. I enjoyed your post and your beliefs! I agree with all of them. I have 2 kindergarten teaching sisters and a 4th grade teaching brother. Look forward to sharing this with them. As a crafter, I have glitter in my hair, on my face and everywhere in my stamp area…

  5. Faige says:

    So terrific. If you don’t mind would like to share with the other kindergarten and #ece teachers in my school

  6. ellie says:

    Amy – love it – so eye catching and thought provoking! Compared to other sites that can be very heavy on text or glitzy images, your colours, phrases made me think about the layers beneath your words. You are so right – learning is hard work but so worth the effort – I wonder how we can share this insight with our learners?

    • Miss Night says:

      Thanks so much, Ellie. I’m so glad you like it. I’m really proud of how the whole “look” has come together. I feel like it really reflects who I am and what I’m all about. Please visit often!

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